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Od big boxów do miejskich hubów. Jak re-commerce i omnichannel wpływają na polskie powierzchnie magazynowe?

Szybko rozwijający się rynek e-commerce, rosnące wymagania klientów i coraz większa popularność re-commerce generują popyt na magazyny, które gwarantują możliwość obsługi wysyłek i zwrotów.

22 november 2022
Warehouse space dedicated to e-commerce in Poland has grown 84% since 2019

Poland has 7.35 million sq m of warehouse space dedicated to online fulfilment, accounting for 30.7% of the country’s total industrial stock.

19 july 2022
E-Commerce is bursting at its seams and warehouses are following [REPORT]

Cushman & Wakefield expert has conducted a second comprehensive survey among developers and leading logistics operators in Poland that illustrates the growth of the Polish e-commerce warehouse market.

07 june 2022
How to get the hang of e-commerce in warehouses? [REPORT]

Warehouse stock dedicated to e-commerce in Poland has reached nearly 4 million sq m. The largest volumes of warehouse space available to online retailers are in the Łódzkie voivodeship (887,000 sq m), Lower Silesia (716,000 sq m) and Silesia (621,000 sq m). Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield has published its pioneering research How to handle e-commerce in a warehouse?, which includes an overview of the Polish industrial market from the perspective of e-commerce and key trends having the strongest impact on the sector’s further growth.

11 june 2019
Cushman & Wakefield