Key market indicators

4,0 M sq m
Vacancy rate
Under construction
275 k sq m
Headline rents
2,50 - 3,80 EUR

Industrial space in Warsaw Suburbs

Warehouses for lease in the Warsaw Suburbs

Warsaw is the oldest and the biggest warehouse market in Poland, divided by two submarkets - inner city and suburbs. Especially the second region enjoys the unflagging popularity among the tenants. Developers and investors appreciate the stability and the predictability of this market and its constant interest of tenants and healthy demand. 

The heart of transport beats in Warsaw

The aglomeration of the capital is one of the biggest transportation junction in the country. It has access to many national roads, nearly 8 train lines and two international airports, including the main airport in the country - Warsaw Chopin Airport. Through the region also runs 3 of 10 trans-European transport corridors (Helsinki – Warsaw, Berlin – Moscow, Gdansk – Ostrava). The modernization of transportation web will influence to the further growth of attractiveness of this market, including locations such as: Marki, Radzymin and Bielany. Today, the Warsaw logistic potential is used by both, the industry operators, as well as many commercial webs and firms from FMCG industries.

It is noticeable that there is bigger and bigger interest of locations placed on the right side of the city, such as Marki or Radzymin. It is because of e.g. the development of infrastructure, increasing employee resources, or market saturation - Renata Krzyżanowska says.

On the left side warehouse, on the right side warehouse, and between the Vistula flows

Today, most of the warehouse projects are concentrated on the Western and Southern part of Warsaw. More often, tenants and developers consider the location on the other site of the capital - it is caused by the infrastructure development in the east side of the city, and the market saturation in the west and south, as well as problems related to this with finding workers.

Optimal lease conditions

Proposed warehouses are characterized by the module structure, what means that it is possible to adjust the size of the leased space to the Client's needs. The warehouse space proposals also have social and office modules on a mezzanine or adjacent to the distribution surface. A-class warehouses ensures excellent lease conditions because of the perfect quality of construction, as well as strategic location. Furthermore, there is a possibility of construction of build-to-suit facilities, in which on the client's request it is possible to add additional docks, "0" level gates, increase fire resistance and adapt other technical parameters. 

Suburban area on the Warsaw market enjoys unflagging popularity. Developers and investors appreciate the stability and predictability of this market, what translates into a constant interest of tenants and high demand - Tomasz Bulej adds.

Advantages of the region

Sprzedaż gruntów inwestycyjnych

market in the country

Warsaw is one of the biggest markets, which offer an access to nearly 2.5 million consuments (inhabitants and city users). Additionally, the positive balance of migration ensures the growth of the market. According to the planners, Warsaw is ultimately prepared for 3 million inhabitants.

Sprzedaż gruntów inwestycyjnych

location and communication

Very good central location on the map of Poland, well developed route infrastructure and public transport ensures optimal conditions for companies operating in goods distribution.

Sprzedaż gruntów inwestycyjnych

of warehouse space

The high interest of tenants in the Warsaw region enjoys e.g. big modules in big-box type (1,500 - 3,000 sq m) located on the suburbs of town, and also SBU space (small business unit) in various standards (500 - 1,000 sq m).



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