Key market indicators

2,19 M sq m
Vacancy rate
Under construction
158 k sq m
Headline rents
3,00 - 3,60 EUR

Warehouse space in Wroclaw

Warehouses for rent in Wroclaw

Wrocław is a modern and dynamically developing metropolis, attracting more and more domestic and foreign investors every year. Important national roads run through the city, including the A4 and A8 motorways, the S5 expressway, national roads no. 5, 94, 98. Investors can also benefit from a well-developed network of rail connections. The significant position of the city in the sectors of BPO / SSC and R&D centers is of significant importance for the development of the region. The region of Wrocław also attracts a lot of investments from other sectors of the economy, such as e-commerce or production, which guarantee constant high demand for warehouses for rent.

Further improvement of the transport network, including the implementation of the S5 road connecting Lower Silesia with the Poznań agglomeration, may in the coming years contribute to the increase in demand for logistics facilities in the region - adds Maciej Szczepański 

Excellent conditions for entrepreneurs

The advantages of the region are the large number of students, high transport accessibility, very high density of business-related institutions, significant investment opportunities in the Special Economic Zones, high purchasing power of enterprises, developed social infrastructure and above-average work efficiency and favorable structure of the economy.

The investments of world leaders from such industries as automotive, machine and electronics have a significant impact on the development of the Wrocław market. The region remains in the forefront when it comes to demand for warehouse space- comments Michał Sikora.

Advantages of the region

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An undeniable communication asset of the region is the A4 motorway, as well as express routes, running through it.

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Lower Silesia is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure. An expanded network of roads and motorways, modernized rail routes and excellent facilities for air transport mean that Lower Silesia attracts numerous investors

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warehouse market

Wrocław is one of the largest warehouse markets in Poland. Currently, it is one of the TOP5 regions in terms of supply of modern logistics space.

Interesting facts about the region of Wroclaw

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- Lower Silesia is one of the leaders of Polish economic rankings. According to the Institute of Market Economics, the region is at the forefront in terms of investment attractiveness and quality of life as well as high-tech activities.

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- The region has traditionally enjoyed the high activity of tenants in the logistics, automotive and production industries, as exemplified by contracts for large areas concluded by companies such as Ideal Automotive, Danfoss and Investa.

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- The low availability of warehouse space in the Wrocław region results in an increase in the development activity of such companies as Panattoni, Hillwood, Goodman, MLP and 7R.



Articles from the region

Hillwood Oleśnica już dostępny dla najemców

Deweloper zakończył budowę oraz uzyskał pozwolenie na użytkowanie parku logistycznego Hillwood Oleśnica. Jego powierzchnia liczy 53 000 mkw.

30 october 2020
Na Dolnym Śląsku powstanie 7R City Flex Wrocław Airport

7R City Flex Wrocław Airport to nowy park miejski, który powstanie w regionie Dolnego Śląska. Pierwszym najemcą jest PIKA, która zajmie ponad 3 500 mkw.

28 september 2020
Deichmann powiększa się w Prologis Park Wrocław III

Deichmann zrenegocjował obecną umowę najmu i rozszerzył się w ramach Prologis Park Wrocław III. Obecnie najemca zajmuje około 20 000 mkw. powierzchni magazynowej.

13 july 2020
Cushman & Wakefield