New factory for Knorr-Bremse in Rzeszow: An investment for global industry

31 october 2023

New factory for Knorr-Bremse in Rzeszow: An investment for global industry


Panattoni has just completed construction of a manufacturing and service facility for Knorr-Bremse, a manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles. This new investment is expected to employ at least 400 workers and serve multiple European markets.

Rzeszow region: magnet for international businesses

The Rzeszow region, where the facility was built, is attracting international tycoons thanks to its excellent access to a skilled labor force and its proximity to the A4 highway and the S19 road, part of the "Via Carpatia" route. As a result, the Rzeszow region is attracting more and more companies specializing in advanced manufacturing, such as the aerospace, electronics and automotive industries.

Knorr-Bremse: Innovations to support safety and efficiency in transportation

Knorr-Bremse has a worldwide presence in more than 30 countries. It is a supplier of braking systems and other solutions for rail and commercial vehicles. Their products contribute significantly to improving safety and energy efficiency in rail and road transportation.

An investment of high standards and flexibility

The new Knorr-Bremse factory benefits from 19,000 sqm of production space and 4,000 sqm of high-standard office space. It is a facility that combines various functions, from research and development to production, testing and representation. The facility was designed by the BTS team with Knorr-Bremse's individual needs in mind.

The facility provides ergonomic workstations overlooking the production process. The facility is equipped with process rooms including test labs, industrial paint shops and dry ice cleaning spaces. In addition, advanced ventilation systems and high-quality low-current installations have been installed. The infrastructure for busbars was also prepared. The facade and interior of the facility's lobby have been upgraded to a higher standard, giving it a modern and attractive appearance.

Introduction to three key business units

During the opening ceremony, guests were given a tour of the facility, where three operating business units were introduced: HVAC, specializing in the production of air conditioning systems for rail vehicles with future service, Power Electric, which manufactures electrical equipment components for rail vehicles, and the Service Center for air and hydraulic braking systems for rail vehicles.

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