Janus Poland – open for business!

18 december 2023

Janus Poland – open for business!


We are thrilled to announce the opening of Janus International’s (“Janus”) brand-new manufacturing facility in Wrocław, Poland. Janus, established in 2002, is the leading supplier of self-storage products and technologies. The investment into the state-of-the-art Polish plant marks a significant milestone for Janus and the self-storage industry in Europe.

The new plant

Damian Kołata, Partner, Head of Industrial & Logistics Agency Poland, Head of E-Commerce CEE, Cushman & Wakefield, comments: "The self-storage segment is one of the most promising within the Polish warehouse sector, and investors' appetites for realizing such investments might be even greater given that the Polish self-storage market is still in its early development phase. This offers broad expansion opportunities, facilitated by the development of the 15-minute city concept and the unfavourable situation in the domestic housing market, primarily characterized by excessively small and overcrowded apartments. We are especially pleased to have advised Janus throughout the process of expanding their business in Poland. Business aimed, among other things, at providing the necessary components for the construction of new self-storage locations. I am confident that the new factory in Wrocław will spur the development of Janus in Poland, and that our cooperation will consolidate with further investments."

The city of Wrocław was chosen as an ideal location to complement Janus’s existing production and distribution centre in County Durham, UK. Wrocław, a vibrant and well-connected city, is located in the southwestern region of Silesia. The Wrocław factory, based in a building managed by real estate specialists Prologis, will serve as a European hub for the manufacturing and distribution of self-storage door/ partition systems, portable units, and access control solutions. A key objective of this addition to the Janus portfolio is to be able to meet the growing demand for self-storage solutions in the region. The new facility allows Janus to streamline its production and logistics processes to significantly increase capacity. The Wrocław plant features advanced machinery and technology to enable Janus to continue providing the latest solutions to its European clientele.

Commented Colin Jeromson, Managing Director, Janus International Europe Ltd: “As the market-leading self-storage manufacturer and the only full-solution provider, we are absolutely delighted to expand into Poland. Operational excellence sits at the core of our business and our talented manufacturing teams in the UK and Poland are committed to producing high-quality, advanced, and sustainable products. We are very much looking forward to developing the next generation of European self-storage facilities.”

A team dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability

Aleksandra Reke-Krzyszowska and Sławomir Lisiecki, lawyers from Argon Legal law firm, add: “We are pleased to have been able to contribute to the implementation of the investment which is a strategic move for Janus to respond effectively to the growing demand for its products in Europe. The negotiations of the lease agreement were intense but we are glad the parties were able to reach a consensus and close the deal. We would like to thank the members of both teams for efficient cooperation and congratulate Janus and Prologis on the success of this project.”

Janus's self-storage factory in Wrocław will not only bolster the company's manufacturing capabilities but also create employment opportunities in the local community. Positions are available in production, logistics, administration and many other departments. All facility staff will adhere to strict quality control measures and sustainability practices, ensuring that the production processes align with Janus's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Craig Conway, International Production Director, Janus International Europe Ltd said: “I am incredibly excited to launch our new facility in Poland. This is a region that offers immense potential for self-storage in addition to outstanding manufacturing talent. We have recruited a fantastic local team in Wrocław, led by our Factory Manager Arkadiusz Stefaniuk who has a solid background in self-storage production. Moreover, I am delighted that Janus’s sustainable manufacturing practices and products have gained industry recognition in both the UK and Europe. Environmental sustainability is an area we will continue to focus on as we implement the latest machinery and technology to deliver best-in-class products to our European customers.

Warehouses in Wrocław

The DC4 building at Prologis Park Wrocław III is a modern warehouse and office facility with a total area of 49,000 sqm. The facility is designed for an efficient supply chain for both local, European and global markets. The logistics park, in the capital of Lower Silesia, is adjacent to an airport serving direct flights to Warsaw, Frankfurt, Vienna, Copenhagen or Munich. Wrocław's western inner ring road - the A8 motorway - runs along the park.

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