Key market indicators

288 k sq m
Vacancy rate
Under construction
43,5 k sq m
Headline rents
3.30 - 3.50 EUR

Warehouses for lease in Lublin

Warehouses for rent in Lublin

Lublin belongs to the most dynamically developed and meaningful warehouse and production centers in the Eastern Poland. Direct connection with Warsaw through the S17 expressway is an additional advantage of this market.

The increase of interest in the Eastern Poland, especially Lublin, has a strong connection with the improvement of the route infrastructure. This strengthening region enjoys not only the clear trust of the tenants, but also developers, that is why it is becoming important point on the planned investment map Renata Krzyżanowska says

Good location for warehouse and production investment

Lublin actively develops since the early 2015. Although it is a young market, it still grows, and warehouse projects are placed mainly in the close proximity to the Lublin and S17 express roads.



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