Key market indicators

60 k sq m
Vacancy rate
2 %
Under construction
8.5 k sq m
Headline rents
3.30 - 3.50 EUR

Warehouses for lease in Bialystok

Warehouses for lease in Bialystok

Bialystok, where 300,000 people live, is the biggest city in the North-East Poland and a capital of Podlaskie Voivodeship. On the warehouse map, Polish Bialystok is the youngest location for modern A-class warehouse space.

The capital of Podlasie is supra-regional academic and scientific center, which is a guarantee of stable and qualified workforce. Currently in Bialystok, 15 universities are functioning, in which 30,000 students study - Renata Krzyżanowska comments.

Podlasie - a magnet for business

Bialystok attracts tenants attention. The market is highly promising perspective for business, because of the fact that this capital is a city of many universities. Tenants, with more certainty and conviction, will decide on this location. Clearly this activity can be noticed in the developing road infrastructure, having local and transit meaning. The route of the Rail Baltic railway route is planned through the cit, which is the element of transeuropean transport corridor, connecting Warsaw, Kovno, Riga, Tallinn i Helsinki, and the road path Via Carpatia, which partly covers on Podlasie with S19 and S8 expressways - beeing in the future an artery between countries of Southern Europe and Scandinavia.

Via Carpatia is a route, which will benefit the Eastern Poland image and will increase the number of investments, especially those from the logistic and warehouse industry - Krzyżanowska adds.



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