New 7R investment with its own energy storage facility

12 january 2024

New 7R investment with its own energy storage facility


Developer 7R has decided to equip 7R Park Wrocław West II, which is being built in Kąty Wrocławskie, with an energy storage facility. This is an unusual solution in this type of building.

Energy storage in the warehouse

7R Park Wrocław West II is under construction. The warehouse will have a direct connection to the A4 motorway (Kąty Wrocławskie junction). Work is currently underway on the building envelope and roof insulation. The general contractor is Kajima Poland.

The developer has decided to install energy storage in the building to store the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels that will be installed on the warehouse. In addition, this infrastructure will enable a significant reduction in the carbon footprint.

- This is an unprecedented solution for this type of facility. It will allow the green energy from the PV system generated during peak production to be stored. It will be possible to use it at a time of lower energy production from the sun and, at the same time, higher electricity demand in the building. The energy storage has a capacity of 200 kWh," explains Piotr Miodek, Head of Construction & Sustainability at 7R, quoted in the release.

Sustainable energy standards

In addition to heating and ventilation systems, with high-efficiency heat pumps and ventilation with heat recovery, the facility will also be equipped with an advanced BMS control system, energy-efficient LED lighting and a photovoltaic installation allowing the production of clean energy.

The implementation of such solutions will enable 7R to significantly reduce the building's operational emissions and obtain a BREEAM certificate. Construction of 7R Park Wrocław West II is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2024.

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