Eastern Poland: an investor-friendly region

08 july 2019

Eastern Poland continues to attract increasing interest from both Polish and overseas investors. Its cities, including Lublin, Białystok and Suwałki, are gaining favour with logistics and manufacturing firms planning to expand.

The expanding road network in this part of the country supports this region’s growth. 

New roads are expected to shorten considerably journey times between eastern Poland and Poland’s other regions. While some - such as further sections of the S8, S17 and S61 expressways - are already under construction, others, including S12, S16 and S19, are at the planning stage. 

Availability of low-priced lands is another important factor. Cities that have established themselves as core logistics locations are increasingly experiencing both labour shortages and a paucity of conveniently-located development lands with land prices weighing heavily on project profitability levels. Therefore, further road improvements will increase the attractiveness of many development sites in eastern Poland as an investment destination.

Eastern Poland is also likely to benefit from recent amendments to legislation on special economic zones. The concept of “extending economic zones to the whole of Poland” may open up growth opportunities for a number of areas in the eastern part of the country. Land availability and prices, the local labour market and convenient business locations are likely to encourage companies to begin business activity in areas where such activity was recently thought to be unprofitable.

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