ELIT Polska with a warehouse in Cracow

04 july 2022

ELIT Polska with a warehouse in Cracow


LKQ Europe invests in a new central warehouse for ELIT Polska in Modlniczka near Krakow.

LKQ Europe is investing in a new central warehouse in Modlniczka, in GLP Krakow Airport Logistics Centre, a large logistics park serving Western and Eastern European markets. With its new central warehouse project near Krakow, LKQ is building a competitive advantage in local markets and expanding its logistics network across Europe.

Construction works on the warehouse for ELIT Polska began in January 2022 and are expected to complete in the second half of the year. The commissioning of the new warehouse and office space is scheduled for 21 November 2022. The transaction was brokered by global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield.

The central warehouse will be operated by ELIT Polska, part of LKQ Europe. In line with the principle of LKQ Europe “Logistics Without Borders”, the logistics centre is expected to improve the quality of deliveries, including deliveries among companies from Central and Eastern Europe. 

We are doing our best to respond to the needs of our clients in Poland, so we continue to expand our logistical capabilities and improve the quality of our delivery operations. The commissioning of the new warehouse is strategically important to the further growth of ELIT Polska. With our project in Modlniczka near Krakow, not only will we provide professional world-class client service, but we are also investing in our future – says Gelu Manta, CEO, ELIT Polska.

Warehouse in the Upper Silesia

The new 11,000 sq m warehouse of ELIT Polska will have enough storage capacity to accommodate more than 100,000 products. It will feature a four-level mezzanine that will store automotive parts, as well as 22 loading docks for reception and dispatch operations. The warehouse will also be suitable for quick deliveries to automotive market players as well as corporate and retail clients who would like to collect items in person. Benefiting from its location in GLP Krakow Airport Logistics Centre, the building enjoys easy access to both the centre of Krakow and the national and international airport. The new facility will also provide 700 sq m of office space.

ELIT Polska, the leading distributor of automotive aftermarket parts, has decided to lease over 11,000 sq m of warehouse space in the logistics centre near Krakow. The advantages of GLP Krakow Airport Logistics Centre include its proximity to the A4 motorway and flexibility in arranging warehouse units and office space. The warehouse built for ELIT Polska will provide specialist space. It will feature a multi-level mezzanine for automotive parts and warehouse space for storing hazardous products. The leased space will be suitable for permanent staffing. Cushman & Wakefield was responsible for the preparation of the building’s technical specification and negotiation of the technical and commercial conditions of the tenant’s lease agreement. GLP, the leading industrial developer, has fulfilled our client’s requirements and will deliver the building with all the improvements necessary for its operations, including the multi-level mezzanine – says Konrad Jacewicz, Associate, Cushman & Wakefield.

Cutting-edge logistics and sustainability

Innovative technological and technical solutions are key to business growth. The solutions deployed in the new central warehouse will significantly bring down its operating costs and improve the workplace experience, allowing for much more efficient distribution - says Paweł Wójcik, Head of Logistics, ELIT.

ELIT Polska prioritizes sustainability. In line with its corporate strategy, its warehouse and office buildings will feature cutting-edge technological and environmental solutions to improve energy efficiency and work safety, including LEDs, photovoltaic panels and destratification fans - all to reduce operating costs. The project has received a BREEAM certificate thanks to its environmentally friendly solutions.

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