Investment land in Koszajec

Investment lands Warsaw Suburbs


Investment land in Koszajec
Warsaw Suburbs
Property size
4 Ha

Key features

The investment land is placed by the A2 motorway, what ensures an excellent connection with Warsaw and Center Poland
Regular shape of the property guarantees effective use of its area
Its placement near Warsaw provides an easy access to the labour market for your business
The property is designed for unobtrusive industrial and services development

Investment land in Koszajec of total area 4,10 ha. The property is covered by the valid master plan (design for unobtrusive production and service buildings). Available media: water, electricity and sewerage.


The property is placed not far from Warsaw in Brwinow county. Its location near A2 motorway (5 km away from the "Pruszkow" junction) ensures excellent connection with the Warsaw city centre and with Strykow, where the A1 and A2 motorways intersect.

Information about the region

5.3 m sq m
Vacancy rate
Under construction
440 k sq m
Headline rents
3.80 - 5.75 EUR

Cushman & Wakefield