Paulina Warchoł
Paulina Warchoł

Land Specialist

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Paulina Warchoł

Land Specialist

Paulina Warchoł is a Land Specialist in Industrial & Logistics Agency at Cushman & Wakefield.

She is responsible for analyzing plots of land for warehouse and industrial projects, as well as advising on technical issues related to investment land. She has knowledge and practical skills related to urban planning, environmental impact assessment of investments and real estate management. At work she uses software supporting processes of spatial data analysis.

She graduated from the Faculty of Spatial Planning at the Warsaw University of Technology, with a specialization in Urban Planning. She also studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia as part of an international student exchange program.

Previously she worked in an urban planning and architectural studio, where she was responsible for preparing projects of local spatial development plans (Masterplan), studies of land development conditions and directions, analyses for Building Conditions, as well as various spatial analyses and urban planning opinions for the purpose of assessing investment opportunities of land properties.

Contact me, if you seek investment lands in Poland.
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Paulina Warchoł
How to Choose Investment Land? 5 Tips

Investing in land can be a profitable and forward-looking strategy for capital allocation, especially in times of inflation when real estate can serve as a hedge against the loss of money's value. However, to succeed in this field, it is crucial to accurately assess and analyze the risks associated with selecting the right property. Several key factors must be taken into account in this process. We will discuss all of them in our article. Let's get started!

17 july 2024
Paulina Warchoł
Brownfield or Greenfield? Which Land Should You Choose?

The availability of attractive investment land is dwindling, and competition for these sites is set to intensify. Undeveloped plots, located on the outskirts of major cities or near transport hubs, are highly desirable for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries due to their proximity to markets and human resources. However, suitable vacant lands are becoming scarce. Developers and investors in the industrial and logistics sectors are increasingly turning their attention to post-industrial sites—brownfield plots. What are the differences between greenfield and brownfield lands? What challenges do we face when selecting land for investment? Interested in this topic? Enjoy reading!

25 march 2024
Paulina Warchoł
What impacts the price of land? How does a more expensive plot translate into lower development costs?

Land prices depend on a number of factors, but primarily on the planned use of a site and its closest surroundings.

11 july 2023
Cushman & Wakefield