Elżbieta Laudy
Elżbieta Laudy

Digital Experience Project Manager

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Elżbieta Laudy

Digital Experience Project Manager

Elżbieta is a Digital Experience Project Manager in the Industrial and Logistics Department of Cushman & Wakefield.

Elżbieta is responsible for marketing support of the department, creation of promotional materials, social media content management and technology projects.

She graduated in Management at the University of Warsaw and in Postgraduate studies at the SWPS University in User Experience & Product Design. Among other things, she has also gained expert knowledge from training courses in web positioning. In 2024, she also completed a certified course at SWPS University "Customer Experience Management" delving into the topics of introduction to the diagnosis and understanding of customer experience and systemic customer experience management. 

She is fluent in English and gained her previous experience as a freelancer, board member and head of the marketing team in the Entrepreneurship Scientific Circle at the University of Warsaw.

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Old, black & white comedy & Taiki Waititi's joke

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Playing speedminton

Calligraphy & bookbinding

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Elżbieta Laudy
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Elżbieta Laudy
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