Real estate marketing. How to successfully sell a warehouse?

08 may 2022

Real estate marketing. How to successfully sell a warehouse?
A marketing campaign for a warehouse can run through multiple channels. It comprises several measures which can help sell a logistics facility successfully.

It is often the case that a company driven by market dynamics and business development decides to change, expand and relocate to a newer and larger warehouse. As a result, it will be left with its existing facility which no longer meets its operational requirements and the best scenario would be to sell or lease it. To successfully complete the sale process, an appropriate plan should be put in place. A marketing campaign should include a variety of measures that should be consistently implemented.

In addition to a direct search for potential clients, a marketing campaign is developed by marketing specialists on a case-by-case basis and tailored to the nature of a property. It is a multifaceted strategy comprising both online promotion and traditional marketing. It is very important that you effectively select your target group you want to reach with your message – this will allow you to make a meaningful and efficient use of resources and generate the highest number of enquiries and leads.

Selling a property online

The first step in an online campaign is to post a property listing on leading sales websites as a featured advert to get it to the top of search results. At the same time promotion may run on social media platforms. It is advisable to engage agencies that have a vast reach and are able to get through to larger audiences. Promotion through affiliate networks and newsletters can be a successful supplement – mailing is likely to be more effective if you have a strong contacts base and select the right target group. The form and content of your message are also relevant in its distribution.

Traditional warehouse marketing

Traditional marketing may also be successful in a good campaign. It is worth investing in an advertising banner. You may contact local advertising agencies to find a billboard to rent in a strategic place with good visibility. Contacting local authorities is also likely to give good results as potential clients frequently enquire about investment opportunities at public offices or regional chambers of commerce.

Reporting marketing campaign results

For a marketing campaign to be successful, it is critical that you monitor its results and, as you go along, that you adjust what you do to ensure optimization. If the results you expect fail to materialize, you need to look for alternative ways of promotion. An appropriate analysis will help you decide what works best and what you should focus on.

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