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Wojciech Przybylak
Will fundamental changes to zoning regulations impact the availability and prices of development land?

On 23 July 2023 the President of the Republic of Poland signed an amendment to the Zoning Act into law and the following day it was published in an official journal of laws. The amended law will take effect 30 days after its publication, thereby changing the regulations on local zoning plans, zoning decisions (WZ) and zoning studies that had been in force for 20 years. It is intended to streamline regulations, consolidate zoning provisions and ensure a more comprehensive approach to planning in Poland. Zoning professionals have, however, raised concerns that the amended law will, in fact, revolutionize regulations. Will this revolution also impact new industrial developments?

04 september 2023
Wojciech Przybylak
What plots and locations attract the most interest?

What plots are attracting the strongest investor interest? What regions are being targeted and why? These questions are addressed in another article in our series “The Tenant’s Guide”.

08 november 2021
Cushman & Wakefield