7R Park Szczecin

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7R Park Szczecin
Property size:
61,230 sq m
7R S.A.

Warehouses for rent in Szczecin

7R Park Szczecin is a planned investment which will consist of 2 warehouse buildings with total space of approx. 53,000 sq m. The park will be mainly designed for storage and light production.


The park will be located 4 km from the city center. The park will be placed 15 km from the S3 expressway and 48 km from the Szczecin-Goleniów International Airport.

Technical specification

Name Clear height Column grid Floor load capacity Sprinklers Smoke vents
Hall 1 10 m 12x22.6 m 7T
Hall B 10 m 12x22.6 m 7T

Information about the region

1.2 m sq m
Vacancy rate
7.4 %
Under construction
0 k sq m
Headline rents
3.90 - 4.60 EUR

Cushman & Wakefield