Panattoni Park Tricity East V: Investment in the Gdansk Port Region

19 october 2023

Panattoni Park Tricity East V: Investment in the Gdansk Port Region


Panattoni is developing the 50,000 sq m Panattoni Park Tricity East V in the Pomerania region with the help of €32 million in financing from mBank, enabling Regesta to open its largest logistics centre in Poland.

The Tricity is becoming a powerhouse in the industrial property market

The Pomeranian region, and especially the Tri-City, has become one of the fastest-growing industrial real estate markets. In 2018, the total amount of modern space in the Pomeranian Voivodeship was 450,000 sq m, and this figure has tripled in just four years, reaching nearly 1.4 million sq m by the end of 2022. mBank recognised the huge potential of the region and provided financing for the development of a new 50,000 sq m hall within Panattoni Park Tricity East V.

Strategic location and development potential of Panattoni Park Tricity East V in Tricity

The new investment will benefit from the unique advantages of Tricity, such as its proximity to one of the largest Baltic ports and the large population of the agglomeration. 

Panattoni Park Tricity East V will be conveniently located, close to the A1 motorway, the Tri-City ring road and the Baltic Hub Deepwater Container Terminal. Although work on the facility has only just begun, Regesta has already secured the lease of 36,000 sq m of space and plans to start operations in Q1 2024. It is the largest facility in the operator's national portfolio and its location will enable collaboration with the port and container handling at the Baltic Hub and BCT, which will open up new opportunities for maritime transport organisation. The new space will include more than 35,000 square metres of block and rack storage space, a confection area, cross-docking, customs warehouse and modernly designed handling, forwarding and customs agency offices.

Innovative environmental standards

Panattoni Park Tricity East V will be adapted to very high standards. The investment will be BREEAM-certified at the Excellent level and will feature numerous water and energy saving solutions, care for the environment, preservation of biodiversity and concern for users' well-being.

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