E.Leclerc and ID Logistics collectively invest in warehouse space and green energy

06 october 2023

E.Leclerc and ID Logistics collectively invest in warehouse space and green energy


Since July 2021, the central warehouse of the E.Leclerc chain, managed by ID Logistics, has been operating in Wola Rakowa near Łódź. Now both companies have reached an agreement on the expansion of the warehouse hall, which will result in a significant increase in the area of ​​the distribution center.

Wola Rakowa as a key distribution center for E.Leclerc in Poland

The distribution center in Wola Rakowa handles the full range of goods distributed to E.Leclerc stores throughout Poland. The ID Logistics team is responsible for managing warehousing processes, packaging and labeling of imported products, as well as dedicated distribution of goods to sales points.

A response to the growing volume and expanding product range

The French chain came to the conclusion that it needed more space. As a result, a decision was made to expand the warehouse. The decision to expand the warehouse space was related to the planned increase in the range of goods handled in the warehouse. Currently, 15,000 are being sent. pallets, and there may be even three times as many. Larger warehouse space will ensure effective handling of the growing volume of goods, including the expanded range of the chain's own brands.

After completion of the works, the area of the distribution center increased by over 2.1 thousand square meters. sq m and currently amounts to 28,110 thousand sq m The number of loading docks also increased - from 38 to 50.

Innovations in the distribution center

In the distribution center in Wola Rakowa, ID Logistics implements dedicated and innovative logistics and IT solutions. Their goal is to support the efficiency of warehouse services, distribution and management processes.

These include a pallet management system, an automated work time registration system and a monitoring system that controls the execution of orders placed by stores, which is constantly being developed and adapted to warehouse operations.

Green energy

At the beginning of 2023. E.Leclerc and ID Logistics have also started construction of a state-of-the-art 100KWp photovoltaic farm. The investment is expected to cover 12 per cent of the warehouse's annual electricity needs.

Another environmentally friendly measure was the introduction of energy-efficient LED lighting and a monitoring system for electricity consumption, resulting in savings of nearly 40 per cent compared to the previous year.

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