Hillwood expands its warehouse centre

28 september 2023

Hillwood expands its warehouse centre


Hillwood, has begun the expansion of its logistics park in Lodz Górna. This is a step towards providing warehouse space for businesses, increasing its availability by almost 42,000 square metres. The new hall is scheduled for completion in early 2024.

Over 115,000 sq m of warehouse space in the heart of Łódź Górna

The Hillwood Łódź Górna investment will consist of two warehouse halls with a high storage height of 10 meters. The first hall, which is already in use, has an area of over 73,000 sq m, while the second one, currently under construction, will have an area of approximately 42,000 sq m. The complex is located at Józefów Street, in the southern part of Łódź, right next to Trasa Górna, which will become a key connection between Łódź and the A1 motorway.

Strategic location 

The location of the Hillwood Łódź Górna logistics center is strategic. It guarantees efficient access to the S8 expressway. Moreover, one of the most important road projects in the region will soon be completed - Trasa Górna, which will become a strategic connection with the A1 motorway. The next stage of this project is a joint initiative of the city of Łódź and the voivodeship, aimed at connecting the southern part of the city with the A1 motorway. The new road will further improve traffic flow in the area and is expected to be completed in November this year.

Central Poland at the forefront of logistics development

Łódź plays a key role as the central logistics center in Poland. Thanks to its strategic location and extensive highway system, Łódź has become one of the leading destinations for warehouse developers, both in Poland and on the map of Europe.

Central Poland is the third largest and most important warehouse market in the country. The city of Łódź itself plays a significant role as a logistics center throughout Poland. As Hillwood Polska, we have been appreciating the excellent location and communication infrastructure of this region for many years, engaging in various projects in Central Poland – said Jan Kaliński, Business Development Director at Hillwood Polska.

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