Mateusz Brzeziński
Mateusz Brzeziński

Associate Director, Head of PropTech & Automation

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Mateusz Brzeziński

Associate Director, Head of PropTech & Automation

As Associate Director, Mateusz manages the team responsible for real estate technology and innovation.

He is responsible for planning and executing the technology business development strategy and supporting the agency's Industrial & Logistics activities. Previously, he managed the marketing activities in this team. 

He graduated from the faculty of Polish Philology at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw with specialization in communication, media and PR.

Mateusz speaks English fluently Mateusz joined Cushman & Wakefield from Atos Company, where he was responsible for communication and coordination of digital media activities. Previously he held the position of Marketing, PR and Social Media Manager at Elchupacabra Creative Agency.

After hours

Dog, cats and - in general - all animals lover

Likes to travel to unknown places

Alfa Romeo fan


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Mateusz Brzeziński
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